Kitchen Worktops Online LTD would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to Ipswich Plastics LTD: A Legacy of 74 Years Comes to an End.

In a bittersweet moment that marks the end of an era, Ipswich Plastics, a cornerstone of the community for an impressive 74 years, has made the difficult decision to close its doors.

Over the decades, Ipswich Plastics grew from a modest enterprise into a thriving business, leaving an indelible mark on both the industry and the community it served.

The companies commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction propelled its growth, earning a stellar reputation and attracting a dedicated customer base.

As the years passed it grew into a major player in the plastics industry, catering to a wide array of sectors including kitchens, bathrooms, worktops, sheets materials, panelling, melamine’s, roofing and more.

Though the physical presence of Ipswich Plastics will be no more, its legacy will endure and the mark it left on the industry forged during those 74 years will forever remain a testament to the enduring spirit of entrepreneurship and resilience.

The Advantages of Laminate Kitchen Worktops

6 Advantages of Laminate Kitchen Worktops

  • Affordable: Laminate worktops are generally much less expensive than other types of countertops, such as granite, quartz, or marble.

  • Wide range of colours and patterns: Laminate worktops come in a wide range of colours and patterns, so it’s easy to find one that matches your kitchen’s decor.

  • Easy to clean: Laminate worktops are smooth and non-porous, which makes them easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

  • Durable: Laminate worktops are resistant to stains, scratches, and heat, so they can withstand everyday wear and tear.

  • Easy to maintain: Laminate worktops don’t require any special maintenance, other than regular cleaning.

Overall, laminate worktops are a good choice for those who want an affordable, durable, and easy-to-maintain worktop for their kitchen. They may be a practical and budget-friendly option but they do not compromise on style and quality.

Top 3 Laminate Worktop Manufacturers

Before you consider purchasing a worktop online we always recommend researching the manufacturer before committing to the sale. Replacing your kitchen worktop is not something you will do many times in your life so ensuring you are buying a quality worktop that will not go out of ‘fashion’ and that is resilient to the hustle and bustle of life is paramount. Here are some key points we’ve put together for you to consider throughout your buying journey

  • Are they a well-known manufacturer of worktops?
  • Do they guarantee the worktops against manufacturing defects?
  • Do they have a good selection of decors?
  • Do they have good customer reviews?
  • How easy is it to buy from them?
  • How easy are they to install?
  • Do their products come with the appropriate installation, care and maintenance guides?

So who are the most well-known manufacturers of laminate worktops?

We have formed a list of our top 3 leading manufacturers, that we trust and recommend to our customers and the reasons why we love them!

  • Formica
    Out of all the manufacturers Formica have been around the longest! Since 1912 we believe! Their worktops have evolved over the decades providing consumers with stunning, quality worktops and decorative surfaces that truly stand the test of time. Their two main laminate brands are Prima and Axiom serving customers with over 80 designs across the collections. Why we love them – Prima worktops are one of the most affordable worktop brands on the market that offer super stylish, durable surfaces. Their collection comprises of light and warm wood effect designs, engineered stones and solid colours. They all have a 38mm thick tight curved edge and come in 4.1m and 3m lengths. Axiom worktops comprise of 50 stunning designs from rustic woods to contemporary stones and elegant marble designs.  All Axiom countertops have a 38mm thick curved and square edge profiles and a more contemporary 22mm square edge. Whatever your style, there’s a worktop to compliment your home. Now let’s talk about guarantee for a moment. Formica offers a 10-year guarantee across both worktop ranges on their worktops, splashbacks and upstands. If a product fails to conform due to manufacturing defects Formica (under their own discretion) will repair/replace the product free of charge. Just make sure you read the guarantee in full and refer to the installation and maintenance guides upon purchase of their products.
  • Duropal
    Since 1958 Duropal has been a world leader in the manufacturing of decorative high pressure laminate (HPL). They are continuously developing their product to ensure we are served with durable, functional, stylish worktops. They offer the perfect alternative to natural materials such as stone and marble. Why we love them – Choose between between a unique 2mm ‘Cubix’ profile which creates a modern, square edge appearance and a tried and tested 3mm ‘Quadra’ profile. You also have the choice out of a traditional 40mm thick worktop or a modern, sleek 20mm thin worktop. Perfect for those wanting to create clean, straight lines in a contemporary living space. All Duropal worktops with both Cubix and Quadra profiles come with a unique seal designed to ensure a lifetime protection against moisture and steam. The manufacturer also offers a 7-year guarantee against any defects/failures that occurred during the manufacturing process
  • Bushboard
    Bushboard have been developing kitchen and bathroom surfaces since 1935. They guarantee their worktops and products for a lifetime! They will make good by repair or replacement if the product fails to conform by reason of defect in its manufacturer. Now on to the good stuff.. Why we love them – they have a whopping 100 decors choice from across their Omega worktop and Options worktop collections. They have created a portfolio of realistic wood and stone effect designs to modern, abstract and lifelike textures and designs. Their surfaces have been created using hard wearing laminate with antibacterial protection ensuring your worktop is not only durable but also hygienic and stylish too.  With a great selection of post formed edge and square edge worktops in 40mm, 28mm and 20mm thicknesses we are confident with this breadth of choice you will have no problem finding a solution that suits your home and budget.

In summary, we love all these manufacturers! They all offer stunning worktop designs that are affordable and hardwearing. But you can make your own assumptions by reading through their brochures and simply researching the companies online or speaking with family and friends about their own experiences. We hope we’ve made this a little easier for you choose but if you still want more information feel free to download the brochures below.

What is a solid compact laminate worktop

Laminate worktops have come a considerable way in the kitchen worktop industry due to the advancements of technology. They are a popular choice for homeowners and ‘DIY’ers’ alike for their versatility and cost effectiveness. A solid compact worktop (also known as compact laminate worktop) is a fantastic alternative to natural materials such as stone and quartz because they have a solid, consistent coloured core throughout with waterproof and stain resistant properties. 

  • So what is a solid compact worktop and what is it made from?

A compact laminate worktop is an extremely hard-wearing, durable surface that is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms and even outdoor spaces. Unlike a standard traditional laminate worktop that has a chipboard core, a compact laminate worktop has a solid, dense core throughout that is made up from layers of kraft paper and phenolic resin that are treated with heat and high pressure. Once this step is complete a decorative paper is applied over the top and bottom of the core and a coat of clear melamine resin is applied to the entire worktop to seal it. Resulting in a waterproof, stain resistant counter-top that’s durable enough to withstand the hustle and bustle of family life.

  • What is the best solid compact laminate brand to buy?

Zenith worktops by Wilsonart and Aria worktops by Formica are UK leading manufacturers of compact laminate worktops. They have been designed to look, feel and perform like stone, making them a popular choice in kitchens today. The Zenith solid laminate range comprises of 20 sleek designs with a tough 12.5mm thick coloured core with accompanying breakfast bars, upstands and splashbacks to carry your design from worktop to wall. Every design and surface is fully waterproof, with a realistic texture and solid core to echo natural stone and marble but without the associated cost and complexity of installation.. Looking for something a little thicker? Formica Aria worktops are manufactured with a 20mm thick core as well as 12mm giving you more scope to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

  • What are the benefits of Zenith solid compact worktops?

We’ve already touched upon a couple of key points as to why a compact laminate is a great material for kitchens but here is an extended list for you to consider;

      Manufactured with a solid, slab-like core they are highly resistant to scratches, abrasions and general wear and tear. Perfect to withstand the conditions of a busy household.
    • 100% WATERPROOF
      Unlike a traditional laminate worktop a solid compact laminate worktop does not have a chipboard core therefore there’s no risk of water damage around your sink. 
      Due to it’s durability and waterproofing properties compact laminate worktops can be cut to any shape and size with no need for additional edging. You can also install an undermount sink and drainer grooves into the worktop which allows water to flow into your sink with ease. Compact laminate is a material that can also be used for other projects such as cladding, shelving and sills to create a more bespoke interior.
    • 99.9% BACTERIAL
      Antibacterial protection is integrated as a resin during the manufacturing of Zenith compact worktops, making them a very hygienic solution for countertops.
      No need for specialist tools or equipment, saving you time and money!
      No time-consuming care routines. Simply use a damp cloth and a mild, everyday detergent to keep the surfaces looking clean.

Do you still have questions or would like to know more about solid compact worktops? Feel free to give us a call on 01473 554625 or pop to our showroom in Ipswich and have a chat with our friendly staff. 

Would you like to order a sample of a Zenith or Aria worktop? Email us [email protected] with your request and we will post a sample to you free of charge.

Zenith and Aria brochures available to download below.

Buying Kitchen Worktops Online

Buying a laminate kitchen worktop online might seem a little daunting at first due to the vast amount of choice that’s available these days. However with a little help and advice along the way we are confident it is the easiest and best way to buy a work surface.Think about it, fast delivery, best possible prices, free sample swatches delivered to your home, no waiting around and a vast choice of kitchen worktops with the latest in innovative design. In this post we have listed some keys things for you to consider to ensure you are shopping safely and efficiently online.

  1. Find a trustworthy worktop company
    The most important factor when online shopping is finding a trusted company that can offer you a good service on quality kitchen worktops at an affordable price and reasonable delivery time. Here are some questions you may want to ask or find out about the company before committing to a purchase;

      • Do they have a good selection of different worktops
      • Are they easy to contact
      • How long do they take to reply to emails and queries
      • Do they have trustworthy online payment facilities
      • Do they offer a worktop sample service
      • Do they offer a delivery service
      • Do they have real customer reviews

    These are all important factors to consider when buying a work surface or any other product online.

  2. Know what you are buying
    This one might seem a little obvious however, there are many different types of worktops that are made of different materials and it sometimes can get a little confusing when looking online. Ensure you are aware what type of material you are purchasing so you know what’s involved when it comes to things like delivery of your worktop, is the product heavy and do you need to ensure you have people home who can assist the driver with carrying your worktop inside? The cost of the product, worktops made from marble and quartz are natural materials and come at a greater cost than the likes of a laminate kitchen worktop with a chipboard core. The cost of installation, installation costs will depend on the type of worktop, what it is made of and the amount of work that is required to complete the job at a high standard. Think about what else will be involved such as mitre joints and sink and hob cut outs. Lastly, what does it take to care for and maintain the worktop, natural woods and stones will have a higher maintenance need than a laminate worktop. Will you need to sand and oil the worktop down regularly or can you simply wipe it with a damp cloth using a mild cleaning solution.
  3. Research the manufacturer
    Ensure you are buying a worktop from a leading manufacturer of worktops. The best websites will offer a range of value and high quality worktops manufactured by companies such as Bushboard, Duropal and Formica.These companies will also offer guarantees on their worktops so if there are any manufacturing defects that occur they will replace the worktops for you at no extra cost. For example Bushboard work surfaces are guaranteed for a lifetime. They will make good by repair or replacement (at its discretion) if the worktop is shown to have failed by reasons of defects in its manufacture, subject to fair wear and tear, provided the product has been installed and used for their intended purposes.

Cheap Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen Worktops Online Offer Cheap Worktops to Help you Revamp Your Kitchen on A Budget

Kitchen Worktops online have launched their new website with only the best affordable quality worksurfaces.

When your kitchen needs a revamp, the last thing you want to do is shell out a shed load of cash for something that doesn’t look or feel right. Low-cost  kitchen worktops can provide a quick and easy solution to your tired-looking kitchen. You could improve the look of your room for less with a countertop retailer that refuses to compromise on quality.

Not only are the worktops from top manufacturers they are very cheap on price.

there is a huge range range of surfaces and a mass of colours and designs. With a great choice of kitchen worktops you only have to change one piece of your kitchen to give it a whole new look for less.

Laminate Surfaces – The beauty of cheap laminate kitchen worktops is that they come in a variety of designs to give wooden, marble and high-gloss effects to your work surface without the high costs.

Caring For Kitchen Worktops

So, your new kitchen worktops have been installed – how do you keep them looking great?

It’s wonderful to walk into your new kitchen, worktops gleaming and everything sparkling and clean. A kitchen is a working environment, though, and those surfaces will inevitably get dirty from preparation and cooking. Caring for them properly will help you to keep your kitchen looking like new for years to come.

Cleaning Kitchen Worktops

All good quality kitchen worktops are made from materials that are durable and easy to look after – those are some of the main requirements. For that reason, you shouldn’t find that they are easily marked, scratched or stained, but you should always read the care instructions that come with your worktop so that you know how to treat certain spillages, and how to look after your worktop on a daily basis. The way you look after your worktop will depend on the material it’s made from – wood will need different care to laminate or granite, for example. In basic terms, however, you should always try to:

• Wipe up quickly – spills and drips are inevitable in a kitchen environment. As soon as you notice that something has been spilled on the kitchen worktops, wipe it up with a clean, damp cloth. Get your family into the habit of doing the same thing.

• Protect – although worktops are durable, there are things you can do to extend their life. Always use boards when chopping – never cut food up directly on the worktop. And put hot pans or dishes onto trivets or pads rather than straight onto the surface.

• Gentle solutions – you don’t need harsh cleaning solutions or scouring pads to clean your work surfaces. These are likely to scratch and damage your kitchen worktop. Use mild cleaners and soft cloths at all times.

If you start as you mean to go on as soon as your kitchen worktops are installed, you’ll get into the habit of looking after your surfaces properly, and your worktops will last for longer – and look good too.

Affordable Kitchen Worktops Online

If you’re looking for great quality new kitchen worktops at great prices, shop here at Kitchen Worktops Online. We have a wide range of materials and finishes, so you’re bound to find the perfect match for your new kitchen. Our worktops are durable and look great as part of any kitchen design. Take a look at our site today and buy through our secure payment system to take the first step towards beautiful new worktops.

Worktops Website ReLaunch

Kitchen worktops website relaunch in the new year.  We have relaunched our worktops website with amazing features to cater for all customers and users, customers will now be able to log in and have access to recent purchases history and downloadable invoices, edit details including shipping addresses ect, also detailed information on current and future discounts. The website has been designed to be  ultimate user friendly we have incorporated a navigational menu system that suits all needs with columns listing worktop brands and tags so the user can navigate and search by colour | texture | pattern or size, we have also added in a sophisticated search field for general queries.


We supply kitchen worktops to the trade to kitchen renovator or fitters | building company | schools and colleges | laboratory, we cater for all needs and volumes coupled with set trade discounts. We can deliver worktops to your business premises or on site sometimes next day and normally within 2 – 5 days, most areas in the Uk are covered 2 to 3 times a week. Trade log in for access to recent purchases history and downloadable invoices, edit details including shipping addresses ect, Also we keep you informed with detailed information on current and future discounts which are emailed to you once a month.

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