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Choose From 3 Different Materials To Suit Your Kitchen

The Most Affordable Worktop on the Market
Laminate worktops by far are a low cost compared to other materials, they come in many designs and textures and now with new slimline ranges added there’s even more freedom of choice when searching out the perfect worktop. This is 4 of the best brands in the market today for laminate kitchen worktops; Formica Axiom, Formica Prima, Bushboard & Duropal.

Compact Solid Core Worktops 100% Waterproof
Compact laminate worktops are new to the world and is fast on the rise. You can buy them as thin as 12.5mm and 20mm which is the latest trend for kitchens in 2019. Solid core compact laminate worktops very strong with a hard wearing surface that’s 100% waterproof. Giving the freedom to use under mount sinks and drainer grooves and shape it with no fuss about edge banding.

Solid Wood Worktops Natural Beauty
Wood worktops are a versatile choice, ideal for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Wooden worktops are well constructed and very strong with the freedom to use inset and under mount sinks. They are a great asset and will last a lifetime with a little TLC.