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Axiom Woodland

Walnut Butcher Block

From £129.00

Wilsonart Profiled Worktops

Wilsonart Romantic Walnut

From £99.00

Wilsonart Profiled Worktops

Wilsonart Walnut Block

From £89.00

Prima Woodland

Smokey Planked Walnut

From £129.00

Prima Matte 58

Natural Block Walnut

From £129.00

Options Ultramatt

Walnut Appalaches

From £149.00

Omega Fibril

Walnut Flame

From £139.00

Options Ultramatt

Warm Walnut Block

From £149.00

Oasis Perl

Porterhouse Walnut

From £75.00

Oasis Wood Original

Dark Select Walnut

From £95.00
From £129.00

Walnut Laminate Worktops are an Affordable Alternative to Natural Solid Walnut

Create a rich, earthy feature in your home with our range of quality walnut effect worktops. With a range of natural medium and dark walnut tones you can bring plenty of warmth and depth to your kitchen at an affordable, low cost price