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Quartz Worktops

Almond Stone

From £330.60

Quartz Worktops

Ivory Stone

From £330.60

Quartz Worktops

Pewter Stone

From £330.60

Quartz Worktops

White Gem Stone

From £372.60

Quartz Worktops

Black Gem Stone

From £372.60

Quartz Worktops

Diamond Stone

From £435.00

Quartz is the material of the moment when it comes to luxury worksurfaces.

With the unique M-Stone range, the luxurious looks are a given. More than that it offers you the benefits of lower prices and faster installation because it requires none of the usual templating and waiting time for your worktops to be made off-site. M-Stone quartz is tailored and installed directly in your kitchen, bringing a far speedier finish to your project.

M-Stone is the latest innovation in man-made quartz

A worktop that has a unique blend of natural quartz particles and resin, giving you a material that is technically advanced compared to stone and granite worktops. This is a material with its own character and composition and a wide range of benefits. It’s high performance, while being low maintenance, so it can cope easily in the hardest-working of kitchens without being a chore to keep clean. Highly resistant to stains, scratches and impact, M-Stone quartz worktops are guaranteed for 10 years giving you the assurance too of long-lasting quality. The palette of colours will grace any contemporary, modern or traditional style of kitchen. The material offers superb design freedom for shaped corners, breakfast bars and any style of sink can be fitted into the worksurface. And there are upstands and splashbacks for those all-important finishing touches.
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Prima Crystal

Amber Kashmire

From £85.00
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From £135.00
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Duropal Xtreme Matt


From £175.00
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Duropal Top Face

Anthracite Peru

From £145.00
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Prima Radiance

Antique Mascarello

From £150.00
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Square Edge Worktops

Antique Mascarello Square Edge

From £235.00
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