White Galaxy SW22

Showerwall White Galaxy

White Galaxy from the Showerwall Quartz Mineral Collection. Convert your walls into a galaxy of twinkling stars or create a dazzling bathroom space with a modern sparkle. this collection of designs provides a glamorous twist on a plan white bathroom. We suggest that ordering a sample of these products is the only way to appreciate their beautiful glittering effect.

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Square Edge 10.5mm

Sq Edge 2440mm X 1200mm £268.80 £150.54
Incl VAT
Sq Edge 2440mm X 900mm £225.60 £126.40
Incl VAT

Proclick 10.5mm

Proclick 2440mm X 1200mm £274.80 £157.92
Incl VAT
Proclick 2440mm X 600mm £138.00 £117.59
Incl VAT

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